B-Music is an independent collective of DJs, musicians and music lovers dedicated to the obsessive and painstaking pursual of obscure, obsolete, exquisitely obnoxious, unbelievable, underexposed and undeniably delectable discs of experimental pop music from the psyched-out sixties and seventies.

B-Music.co.uk provides a pocket library for discerning aficionados of fascinating rhythms from six times around the globe – unifying record collectors, beat diggers, fanatics of the avant-garde and trash-merchants alike.

Centred around the Mancunian eponymous travelling club and bar night – hosted by Andy Votel (Twisted Nerve) and Dominic Thomas – and along with twin record labels Finders Keepers and Delay 68, B-Music represents a passionate, un-blinkered approach to the culmination of way-out sounds encompassing all elements of off-kilter counter-culture: Psych Prog Space Rock Ye-Ye Euro Beat Folk Funk Jazz and Whacked Out Movie Musak, as well as cherry pickings of bugged-out cinema, design and literature in token doses.

On the last friday of the month, B-Music presents Circle Square Circle

12 carefully selected ‘Designers who DJ’ such as Julian House, Pete Fowler, Rick Myers and Andrew Symington prove they are equally as forward thinking in the music they select as they are with the radical imagery they create.


B-Music: Cinco de Mayo Special

To celebrate the national Mexican Holiday Cinco de Mayo, B-Music invite renowned Latin-American music specialist Lee Janda (Camarillo Brillo) to join them in a night of Mexican influenced psych, folk and rock. Expect to hear fuzzed-out sunshine grooves aplenty.