Asian Film

From Taiwan to Malaysia and back again, expect everything from Korean monster blockbusters, to comedy, animation and the odd martial arts flick in our new Asian Film strand. Bringing you an eclectic insight into Asian Cinema, programmed by Sarah Perks (Programme & Engagement Director) and Andy Willis (Reader in Film Studies and Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Film Studies, University of Salford). Super quality sushi-sonic!

Chinese films supported by the Confucius Institute at the University of Manchester. Co-organised by Dr Felicia Chan, Research Institute of Cosmopolitan Cultures (RICC) and the Centre for Screen Studies, the University of Manchester.

Previously in this season

The Good, The Bad, The Weird

Respected director Ji-woon Kim (A Tale of Two Sisters) returns with an exhilarating ride with Korea’s three top male stars storming through 1930s Manchuria after…

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Tokyo Sonata

Toyko Sonata proves young Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa (no relation) can handle urban realism and social marginalisation better than some of our British masters, in…

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Wonderful Town

The tale of young architect Ton, who moves into a town recently ravaged by the 2004 tsunami, and falls for hotel owner Na, only to…

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Cape No.7

Taiwan’s second highest grossing movie ever. A protégée of Edward Yang, this first feature from director Wei Te-Sheng’s uses mostly non-professional actors to tell the…

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