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Arrebato Intro

This screening is introduced by Andy Willis, University of Salford and HOME’s Senior Visiting Curator of Film. This introduction will be BSL interpreted and the film will include English subtitles.

Film details

José receives a mysterious package from an old acquaintance Pedro P: a cassette tape, a reel of super-8 film and the key to his apartment. José listening to the tape and watching the reel then combines with flashbacks to the start of his relationship with Pedro, who claims he has developed a special sensitivity towards filmed images which allows him to reach the mystical state he calls arrebato (rapture). Despite being lauded by the likes of Álex de la Iglesia and Pedro Almodóvar, after suffering a series of breakdowns Zulueta never made another film; Arrebato has achieved legendary status as a unique and intoxicating experience and an emblem of radically different cinema in 1980s Spain.

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