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Workshop/ An Introduction to Google Analytics

How many people visited your website last month? What brought them there? Was it something you did? How likely were they to share your content? How could you change your website to make it more engaging for your audience? If your website is generating more questions than answers, then this session is for you.

Google Analytics is a free platform that enables you to measure traffic to your website and monitor how your visitors behave. As director of digital insights agency Needle, Dan Lukas helps people to implement web analytics, make sense of their data and use those data to guide better digital decisions. In this session, Dan will introduce key concepts such as campaign attribution, visitor segmentation, goal conversion and website optimisation. He will explain how to install Google Analytics and how to configure it correctly. He’ll also help you make sense of basic reports, interpret key metrics and translate online insight into everyday action.

This session is designed for creative professionals who have never used Google Analytics before, or who want to use data to make their corner of the web a more engaging place.

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