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Aesthetic Realms: Creating TV Worlds

With the rise of ambitious television over the last two decades, TV’s form has developed from strength to strength in terms of production values with only the imagination (and sometimes, budget) as its limitation. Now, not only is it important to attract audiences with a strong narrative, TV shows that demonstrate strong audio-visual identities can create an emotive atmosphere and impact that creates a whole other level of enjoyment and emotional involvement for viewers. We discuss what goes into creating an aesthetic for a TV show and why it can be just as important to create a unique audio-visual identity with a panel of industry professionals including award-winning production designers Grant Montgomery (Peaky Blinders S1 & 2, Shameless, Gunpowder, The Limehouse Golem, Ghost Stories) and Paul Cripps (Skins, The Missing, Bones, Merlin, Never Let Me Go, 24 Hour Party People).