A Game of Two Halves

A Game of Two Halves’ explores both the serious and playful sides of sport and our obsession with it through the TV and the media. Rarely seen side by side, the factions of art and sport are brought together as artists, cultural commentators and sporting personalities pitch their views on the changing dynamics of televised sport and the increasingly rich vocabulary of images it produces.The language and technology of sports coverage has become ubiquitous, more experimental, from hidden cameras inside cyclists’ helmets to state of the art computer graphics on screen. Heightening sports’ drama and throwing the viewer into the heart of the action, these innovations have radically altered how we consume sport and its presence within national popular culture. A range of speakers will discuss some of these issues and the wider cultural implications of this huge industry, the increasing commercialisation of sport and the impact of digital broadcasting on our consumption of it. The ‘real-life’ commentators provide an insider’s view of this global phenomenon, offering insight into the dramas and triumphs of the sporting spectacle. A screening of the World Cup quarter final is included as part of the event.Chair: Paul Bayley, Curator of Spectator SportSpeakers: Roderick Buchanan, Artist; David Conn, Author of The Football Business; Martin Kelner, Journalist The Guardian; Hazel Irvine, Sports Presenter; Stuart Hall, Radio 5 Live Sports Presenter and former presenter of Its a Knockout!; Sid Waddell, Sky Sports Presenter.Tickets available from Box Office: £5/£4Tickets are only available for the full day