Writing Times: Guest bloggers attend rehearsals

As part of our series of online events that will accompany the forthcoming production of Hard Times at Murrays’ Mills, we’ve invited four Library Theatre Twitter and Facebook followers to attend rehearsals and report back on our blog site.

We wanted to know from people who don’t work in the theatre what they thought about how we work. We recruited a Postwoman, a Lecturer, a Risk Manager and a Communications Officer through a writing competition to investigate.

  • Were they surprised by the way we rehearse?
  • Did they feel strange being at rehearsals?
  • Did the experience match their expectations?
  • Did they manage to find the building ok (the whereabouts of Hulme is an enigma to some!)

The first round of reports are coming in now and you can read them here. Our team will then report back during previews on how the production has evolved since their initial visit.