When good actors become good friends…

This Christmas, community and school groups from across Manchester were not only looking forward to the presents under the tree but to meeting their very own adopted actor from our hit show, A Christmas Carol. Having received weekly updates from their actor throughout rehearsals about what life is really like behind the scenes of a Library Theatre production, the groups were eager to put a face to the handwriting. After watching the play each group had the opportunity to quiz their actor during a question and answer session, finding out all the backstage gossip and the tricks of the trade.

One group in particular were thrilled to meet with their actor, Lisa Kerr who plays many parts in A Christmas Carol, including Martha Crachit and Belle. Lisa was equally pleased to meet the residents from George Halstead Court, Crumpsall, who had replied to her letters with words of encouragement and stories about what was going on in their own lives. Sheila, who accompanied the group to the theatre, spoke of the enjoyment that the residents have had from corresponding with Lisa. They have become firm pen pals and are keen to keep in touch, even when Lisa starts her new job in London.

Excitement also grew for pupils from Sandilands Community Primary School and Sacred Heart RC Primary School, who had taken part in workshops throughout the term exploring Scrooge’s journey from miserable miser to charitable charmer, as they finally got to meet the actors they had learnt so much about. One lucky pupil, who was rehearsing himself for the part of Scrooge in their school production of A Christmas Carol, received professional advice from actor David Beams about playing the important role. Young people from Manchester’s Reclaim Project also received tips from Corinna Powlesland and Darren Kuppan about how they could one day be acting on stage in a Library Theatre production whilst residents from Hall Lane and Frank Price Court shared memories and stories with their adopted actors.

A big thank you to everyone that took part and we look forward to adopting next year’s Christmas cast!