What’s HOME from home this week

While our doors are open and we’re thrilled to see so many of our visitors back in the building, we know not everyone wants to go out – and some people want to go out AND have HOME from home (and who can blame them?!) Here’s the complete guide to our digital events this week, from Fri 23 Oct to Thu 29 Oct:

Image by Clive Hunte

Cheryl Martin – One Woman

Sat 24 Oct, 19.00

One Woman is an hypnotic dreamscape, in which the audience, through binaural sound, is drawn inside the mind of a woman who grew up with severe depression and BPD as she tries to find the answer to who she was, how she came to be that person, who she might have been, and who she is now.

Louise Orwin – Ur Favourite Scary Movie

Mon 26 Oct – Sat 31 Oct

Ur Favourite Scary Movie is an epic, indulgent audio experience which invites you into the sonic world of horror. Using the practice of Foley-making, binaural sound, spoken text and familiar loops from ‘ur favourite scary movie’, the work is part horror dreamscape, part investigation into a cultural hunger for HORROR. It asks what keeps you up at night, where fear dances with the imagination, and what it means to make friends with the unknown.

Celina and the Spider Storytime Session

From Mon 26 Oct, 11.30

When Asae Ya the Earth Mother, Nyame the Sky God, and Brother Death come to Anansi the Spider with a problem, the trickster’s usual genius strikes. They pay a visit to their best friends, Celina the Moon Goddess and make a plan to help their elders – with a healthy dose of mischief!

HOME Sound Sessions

Tue 27 Oct – Fri 30 Oct

We all miss the electric energy of crowds and the experience of live music.

With gig venues currently closed, HOME presents a trio of exclusive virtual performances by three Black artists based in the North West working in rap, soul, jazz and trip-hop. These artists are unified by their passion for music and their multi-disciplinary practice across multiple art forms. Featuring Dorcas Sebuyange, Berry Blacc and To!u x Aden.

Image credit: Samuel Ash from the film ‘Liberty’ by David Ellington

Where You Are: A Mini Festival

From Thur 29 Oct – Sun 1 Nov

Join Ad Infinitum Where You Are: A gathering of audiences and creatives connecting in the digital sphere to explore themes of freedom, resistance, transformation and care – happening wherever you are. In their first ever mini-festival, Ad Infinitum are thrilled to be showcasing new projects and commissions in partnership with HOME, from long-term and new Ad Infinitum collaborators.

The Black Mirror: Representations of race in the horror film

Thu 29 Oct

For most of film history, Black actors have appeared in horror films in supporting roles. Many were deeply problematic. Now, rather than simply including Black characters, many of these films are created by, star or focus on Black people, life and culture. Coinciding with Halloween and Film Fear, Esther Lisk-Carew will be joined by Adam Murray and Liz Chege to discuss the history of Black horror and the portrayal of Black people within the genre.

Future 20: Last Place On Earth

Available online now

Working with artist Ivan Morison, Future 20 have created a virtual reality (VR) environment that invites you to imagine the last place on earth. A utopian place, not to feel alone in but where you can consider reconnecting with mother nature and planting seeds for change.

Beyond The Visible: Hilma af Klint

Watch online now

The subject of a recent smash retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum, af Klint was for years an all-but-forgotten figure in art historical discourse, before her long-delayed rediscovery. Director Halina Dryschka’s dazzling, course correcting documentary describes not only the life and craft of af Klint, but also the process of her mischaracterization and erasure by both a patriarchal narrative of artistic progress and capitalistic determination of artistic value.


Available now

Homemakers is series of new commissions inviting artists to create new works at home, for an audience who are also at home. These fully funded commissions are an offer to groundbreaking artists to challenge the definition of “live performance” – whether through live streaming, recordings, games, interactive stories, personal encounters, or something completely different.