Team Library Theatre on the run…

Sunday 15th May 2011 will live long in the minds of the four Library Theatre Company staff who took take part in this year’s Great Manchester Run in support of the Manchester Library Theatre Development Trust (charity reg no 1099215).
For most of us, the possibility of completing a 10k run is a feat of endurance that far exceeds the challenge of staging even the biggest productions, so please back our efforts and help us to raise valuable funds to support our Young People’s Theatre Company.

We’ve already raised more than £13,000 this year, including a recent grant that will enable the participation of young people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing by providing BSL signers. However, we still need more, so all money raised through sponsorship of “Team Library Theatre” will help support the costs of staging their forthcoming production at Capitol Theatre in August 2011, Tell Tales, Tantrums & Gordon Brown

Although the run is done, you can still support our efforts with sponsorship can do so via . Every penny counts, so even £2 – the price of a single cup of coffee – would be very gratefully received. Thank you!!


Alex Bond – An unfortunate clash of dates finds our Marketing Assistant and his band The Box Groove Coolers (a shameless plug!) playing at legendary Northern Quarter venue Matt & Phred’s for the first time on the evening before the race. Fortunately for us, Alex had already put his name down to take part in the Great Manchester Run otherwise there would be a good chance that Team Library Theatre would have been a man down.

Given his excitement ahead of Saturday night’s gig, we are not expecting Alex to achieve a personal best. Indeed he probably deserves a medal for making it to the start line on time!

Paul Clay – Our new Executive Director, Paul is the only regular runner of the group and likely to be enjoying an iced bath – or iced beer, or both – long before the rest of us are even crossing the starting line. The rest of Team Library Theatre is somewhat bemused as to why anyone would want to go running when not training for an event like this. In his defence, Paul claims it allows him to assuage the guilt of enjoying the finer things in life…white wine, anyone?

We can only hope Paul finds the challenge of helping co-ordinate the build of our new venue as easy as a 10km run…

Michelle Santhouse – If there was a prize for the most immaculately manicured nails in the Great Manchester Run, our Financial Administrator would be up for a gold medal. As it is, the nearest Michelle expects to get to a podium is the one supporting her bathroom washbasin. A lover of all things Arsenal who has completed the Great Manchester Run once before, we hope that the fact that Michelle’s training has been more limited this time round means this Gooner won’t be a goner by the finishing line!

Jenni Willows – The LTC Development Manager is taking her fundraising responsibilities to a new level by taking part in the Great Manchester Run for the second time in three years. Given the chance, she would prefer to swim 10km than run it, and believes that completing the course before the marshalls start opening up the roads again will be an achievement!

So what spurs Jenni on? “My job puts me in the privileged position of seeing first-hand how the Young People’s Theatre Company makes a huge difference to all its members. Knowing that all money raised will be used to support such a fantastic project makes the effort worth it, though my legs might not be saying so on Monday morning!”

Jenni looks forward to being cheered on by her husband & two daughters and to enjoying a long cold drink after the run. She is not looking forward to having the world see quite how bright red her face becomes after exercise of any kind…