The Manchester Sound mix

There’s an old saying about the sixties “If you can remember it you weren’t there”.

Well the eighties was not quite so long ago and we’re hoping you can remember your favourite tracks from the Manchester acid house movement of the late eighties to help us build an accompanying playlist to get us in the mood for our production Manchester Sound: The Massacre.

From Hacienda dance classics to your favourite Stone Roses anthem we’ll add your selection to our list – just post us a request in the comments section below or tweet us @librarytheatre using #ManchesterSound. We’ve already added a couple of tracks that have been cited by people we’ve interviewed in research for the show as being part of their soundtrack to the era.

Manchester Sound: The Massacre runs from Sat 8 Jun – Sat 6 Jul 2013. You can book tickets online or from Cornerhouse Box Office on 0161 200 1500.

Image courtesy of Paulina Spencer on Flickr