Hey Jon what have you just been to see?


What was it about?

The Sex Pistols.

Did you enjoy it?

Yes I enjoyed it, it was informative.

And how was the story told?

Using the directors archive footage as well as voice overs. This gave an amazing look at the 1970’s and the punk era.

So it was a documentary?

Yes but it was f***ing great!

What was your favourite bit?

I liked all of it.

And what was the director’s relationship with the band?

He seemed to know the Sex Pistols well, almost like a mate.

Did this add to the film? Do you think it would have been the same if a stranger had tried to make a film about the band with archive footage?

No I felt that the relationship they had gave a more honest insight into the lives of the band.

What was the most shocking thing you saw?

Mostly all of it was shocking!

How about the behaviour?

It was just how they described them in their names vicious and rotten.

Do you think that the IMDB reviews are fair in saying that the film is the “the best music-related documentary I’ve ever seen”?

Yes you could say that it was much better than the rubbish Spice World the movie!

Not really a comparable film though?

No but you get my drift.

Okay so would you recommend and why?

Yes I would as it is great it shows the band in a vivid light.

Without swearing in three words how would you sum up the film?

Great documentary cool *-)

Review by LiveWire Critic, Jon Ratcliffe (Jun ’07)