The Daughter In Law – trailer and other features now online

Today we launched some online activity to surround our next main stage production The Daughter In Law

The planning of the set, costumes, hair and makeup is meticulously designed in advance and Library Theatre regular Judith Croft has thrown open the doors to give us access to all her design sketches, notes and material for the production. You can view our online exhibition and notes on this using the slide show below or by visiting the full site here.

Whilst researching the works of D.H. Lawrence online, we discovered a massive global online fan base for his work which revolves around YouTube. We got permission to mash up the ideas, thoughts and creativity of a selection of YouTube users and here are the results. You can also view this direct on YouTube here.

Finally, some of our cast are blogging about the highs and lows of reheasing for the play and how they are getting to grips with some of the detailed dialogue! Find out more here.