TEDxManchester packs a punch

Creative Industries Programme Manager Isabelle Croissant reports back from an exciting TEDxManchester…

So this time last week I learnt about particle physics; met more passionate people than I have in a month; saw two iPhones talking to each other; heard how playing around on your computer can lead to being exhibited at MOMA and fell down the stairs running between two event spaces. TEDxManchester had come to Cornerhouse.

For those of you not familiar with TEDx events, they are an extension of the famous TED conferences whose mission is ‘ideas worth spreading.’ Independently organised, TEDx events are designed to give communities, organisations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at a local level.

In just one afternoon, we were enthused by Mary Ann Hobbs, encouraged to let loose with our curiosity and creativity by Brendan Dawes, called to act by Dave Erasmus, moved by Ian Forrester … I even felt that I understood particle physics after listening to the amazing Tara Shears (note the use of  the word ‘felt’! I tried to explain it to a colleague the day after, it didn’t go that well).

What makes these events extra special is the interactions and conversations outside of the talks themselves and I for one met a lot of new people and had really engaging and unexpected conversations afterwards (the philosophy of American football – never thought I’d be interested, yet found it fascinating).

And don’t just take my word for it as members of the audience also shared their thoughts. Have a read of Kimberley Willis’ blog (brilliant title), Full Circle Art’s report or Chris Bell’s post on Dave Erasmus.

If you missed it fear not. Some of the speakers have already put their presentations and follow up online. Do check out Ian Forrester’s The Story of Me and Martyn Bryant on the Manchester start up scene. Cornerhouse Digital Reporter Emma Chibulu also did some live blogging which you can catch up with below and we’re hoping to have some video highlights for you next week too.

If you want to find out if a TEDx event is coming to a place near you or watch videos from other events head to the TED website. But why stop there – there are plenty of resources to help you organise your own so why not give it a go!

Image courtesy of cubicgarden on Flickr