Taxidermy, fish, waistcoats and Blackpool … all in a week’s work

Things are really starting to get going now for the next production from our Young Actors’ Company The Magnificent Tale of Emily Law and Arturo the Waterboy. The cast had their first read through of the script last night and it was really amazing to hear the characters start to come to life for the first time. It also starts to give you a feel for how the show is going to be and what structure it will take when actors start working with the text for the first time. All of this meant we all came out of the rehearsal room last night raring to start rehearsals on Monday and full of good ideas that we want to play around with when we do.

So, what have we got on our to do list before we start work on Monday? Well, we need to find some taxidermy animals, make a huge fish tank, sew a waistcoat big enough for two people and take a trip to Blackpool to ride on Carnesky’s Ghost Train. It’s going to be a busy weekend.

And, to whet your appetite a little bit more, this picture gives you a taster of the beautiful design that Lara Booth has created for us.