Seminar Report – The Art of With: Setting the Scene

Report from the seminar The Art of With: Setting the Scene which took place at Cornerhouse on 24 June 2009.

Guest speakers included:

  • Charles Leadbeater, leading authority on innovation and creativity and author of the influential bestseller We think: Mass Innovation, not Mass Production
  • Laurie Peake, Programme Director for Public Art for the 2008 Liverpool Biennial International Festival of Contemporary Art
  • Simon Yuill, artist and programmer, developer in the spring_alpha and Social Versioning System (SVS) projects. He has helped setup and run a number of hacklab and free media labs in Scotland.
  • Jon Ippolito, artist, Guggenheim curator, and co-founder of Still Water for network art and culture at the University of Maine.
  • Tom Fleming, consultant and academic specialising in research and support for the cultural and Creative Industries sector

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