re:play interviews – Beth McCann

“Not Part Of Festival” was formed in 2007. How has the festival progressed since its inception?

The festival has progressed a lot since 2007. We’ve got a lot better at getting the ethos and idea of the festival across, and this has resulted in more events, more awareness, bigger audiences, international press coverage and, now, inclusion in the re:play festival.

What advice would you give to new artists and theatre makers on the fringe?

Our advice is always to get out and do it. Don’t wait to be picked. You’ll learn a lot more by doing it than you will by thinking about it. Also, anywhere can be a space – don’t wait for a proscenium arch – be inventive.

There are two shows in re:play originally presented as part of Not Part Of. What do you think of our selection process?

I’m not 100% on how the selection process works but I think that seeing the work is the most important thing. As long as the judges see everything that they are invited to then that’s fair.

Do you think re:play is an important part of Manchester’s theatrical calendar?

Yes, it’s important that one of the larger theatrical institutions in the city recognises and promotes the fringe work that is happening all year round. The new year is a good time for it because then, hopefully, audiences can build on the momentum and continue attending fringe events for the rest of the year.

How do you think the Library Theatre Company can continue to support the fringe?

Keep up the good work now, and start a dialogue about how its future incarnation and building can best support fringe in the future.