Promotion of Environmental Sustainability at the Manchester Culture Awards 2021

HOME was nominated for our Promotion of Environmental Sustainability at the Manchester Culture Awards 2021 which took place at Manchester’s Kimpton Clocktower Hotel. We wanted to congratulate Reform Radio for their win in this category and take a closer look at all the nominees and the great work they’re doing.

Reform Radio

Sustainability is a key focus for Reform Radio as both a small organisation and as individuals. The meaningful changes along with their passion and energy for environmental sustainability has proved Reform Radio successful in winning the award for Promotion of Environmental Sustainability. They have made several changes which aided their success such as minimising waste by purchasing sustainable products or buying locally as well as committing to remote work only Mondays and the Cycle to Work Scheme. Reform Radio also devotes their time to climate issues for example, they had 24 countries participate in a 24-hour takeover for Earth Day.

Science and Industry Museum Manchester

The Science and Industry Museum was another amazing nominee for the Promotion of Environmental Sustainability. During lockdown, they produced the digital Manchester Science festival which focused on climate and ‘ideas for a better world’ which reached audiences of over 23,000 and is still growing. The museum has begun a project to transform their environmental sustainability as their aim is to inspire visitors and innovators of the future. The Science and Industry Museum aims to be net carbon-zero by 2033 which is 17 years ahead of the national target.

Manchester Day

The Manchester Day event, produced by the Manchester City Council and Walk the Plank, is the final nominee for the Promotion of Environmental Sustainability. The event works closely with communities for example, 60 groups worked with professional artists to create Manchester Day. The aim is for Manchester Day to be an event that is wholly sustainable; almost everything in the parade is people-powered, they use environmentally friendly materials and reuse or repurpose many of the structures. As a result of their 2019 event, they achieved the 4-star Creative Green certification as a recognition of their actions and commitment.

Sustainability at HOME

At HOME, we are dedicated to supporting environmental sustainability and inspiring our communities, audiences, partners and stakeholders with our actions. Our digital channel has featured over 20 articles highlighting sustainability and we post regular #SustainableFriday tweets featuring local initiatives. We want to be an ambassador for change by supporting Manchester’s Zero Carbon strategies and enabling staff to become Carbon Literacy champions. The animation video created by Boca Films which screens in our cinemas shows how HOME is not only going to cut carbon emissions by 50% by 2025 but also how we support environmental sustainability as a cultural leader.

Our sustainability programme is supported by Shire Leasing.

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