Programme Notes / Filmed Up Sep 2013

Download Film Notes as pdf to get more detailed information about the films and filmmakers selected for the June 2013 screening of Filmed Up, including

  • Pie Money – Dir Andy Salamonczyk/GB/17 mins
  • The Rescue* – Dir Sam Taylor/GB/3 mins
  • The Director – Dir Will Herbert/GB/11 min
  • Fettle* – Dir Kate Lloyd/GB/8 mins
  • The Loudest Minds – Dir John Grey/GB/15 mins
  • The Little Spermaid– Dir Pascal Little/GB/12 mins
  • Cold Desert* – Dir Mark Duggan/GB/ 2 mins
  • Ups and Downs – Dir Stuart Fryer/GB/9 mins
  • The Synth Collector* – Dir Hilary Easter-Jones/GB/3 mins
  • We Happy Few* – Dir Geof Wolfenden/GB/4 mins
  • Molehills* – Dir Rupert Hill/GB/14 mins

* films that are available to watch in full online at time of publication. You can watch all the films available on line in our Dropmark playlist (when not available we have added trailers / excerpt)