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Pop Stars on Film – The Jukebox edit

As ever with a film season such as Sound and Vision: Pop Stars on Film, there are titles that we wanted to screen but had to discount for numerous reasons.

To demonstrate how wide we cast our net, Jason Wood Jason Wood, Creative Director: Film and Culture at HOME, shares an insight into the films that got away in a pop pickers style countdown of titles we considered.

Frank Sinatra – Suddenly, Lewis Allen, 1954

Ella Fitzgerald – Pete Kelly’s Blues, Jack Webb, 1955

Dean Martin + Ricky Nelson – Rio Bravo, Howard Hawks, 1959

Harry Belafonte – Odds Against Tomorrow, Robert Wise, 1959

Cliff Richard – Expresso Bongo, Val Guest, 1959

Nico – Strip-Tease, Jacques Pointrenaud, 1963

John Lennon – How I Won The War, Richard Lester, 1967

Marianne Faithful – Girl on a Motorcycle, Jack Cardiff, 1968

Johnny Cash – A Gunfight, Lamont Johnson, 1971

Dennis Wilson/James Taylor – Two-Lane Blacktop, Monte Hellman, 1971

Diana Ross – Lady Sings The Blues, Sidney J. Furie, 1972

David Essex/Ringo Starr – That’ll Be The Day, Claude Watham, 1973

Kris Kristofferson/Bob Dylan – Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, Sam Peckinpah, 1973

Amitabh Bachchan – Abhimaan, Hrishkesh Mukherjee, 1973

Tina Turner – Tommy, Ken Russell, 1975

David Bowie –The Man Who Fell To Earth, Nicolas Roeg, 1976

Sam Hui – The Private Eyes, Michael Hui, 1976

Tina Turner – Tommy, Ken Russell, 1975

Sting – Radio On, Chris Petit, 1979

Hazel O’Connor – Breaking Glass, Brian Gibson, 1980

John Lurie – Permanent Vacation, Jim Jarmusch, 1980

Nazia Hassan – Star, Vinod Pande, 1982

John Lydon – Order of Death, Roberto Faenza, 1983

Charlotte Gainsbourg – The Cement Garden, Andrew Birkin, 1983

George Lam/Teddy Rodin – Banana Cop, Po Chih Leong, 1984

Grace Jones – Vamp, Richard Wenk, 1986

Michael Hutchence – Dogs In Space, Richard Lowenstein, 1986

Alice Cooper – Prince of Darkness, John Carpenter, 1987

Tom Waits/Joe Strummer/Dr. John/Arto Lindsay, Mary Margaret O’Hara/David Johannson –  Candy Mountain, Robert Frank, 1988

Nick Cave – Ghosts of the Civil Dead, John Hillcoat, 1988

Lydia Lunch/Henry Rollins – Kiss Napoleon Goodbye, Babeth Mondini, 1990

Jacques Dutronc – Van Gogh, Maurice Pialat, 1991

Ice Cube/Ice T – Tresspass, Walter Hill, 1992

Faye Wong – Chungking Express, Wong Kar Wai, 1994

Iggy Pop – Dead Man, Jim Jarmusch, 1995

Evan Dando + Deborah Harry – Heavy, James Mangold, 1995

Tricky – The Fifth Element, Luc Besson, 1997

Meat Loaf – Fight Club, David Fincher, 1999

Vanessa Paradis – The Girl on the Bridge, Patrice Leconte, 1999

Bjork – Dancer in the Dark, Lars von Trier, 2000

PJ Harvey – The Book of Life, Hal Hartley, 2000

Sammi Cheng/Andy Lau – Needing You, Johnnie To, 2000

Johnny Hallyday – The Man on the Train, Patrice Leconte, 2002

Eminem – 8 Mile, Curtis Hanson, 2002

Ashley Walters – Bullet Boy, Saul Dibb, 2004

Mos Def – The Woodsman, Nicole Kassell, 2004

Kim Gordon – Last Days, Gus Van Sant, 2005

Beyonce/Jennifer Hudson – Dreamgirls, Bill Condon, 2006

Will Oldham – Old Joy, Kelly Reichardt, 2006

Miriam Yeung – Hooked On You, Johnnie To, 2007

Kylie Minogue – Holy Motors, Leos Carax, 2012

Selina Gomez – Spring Breakers, 2012, Harmony Korine

Justin Timberlake – Inside LLewyn Davies, Coen Bros, 2013

Janelle Monae – Moonlight, Barry Jenkins, 2016

Takuya Kimura – Blade of the Immortal, Takashi Miike, 2017

Adam Horovitz – Golden Exits, Alex Ross Perry, 2017

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