Playwright David Judge Talks SparkPlug

Manchester Playwright David Judge discusses the themes and inspirations behind his personal highly-acclaimed stage production SparkPlug ahead of its cinema screening this November…

What is the play about?

Sparkplug is a play about a man and his multi-family.

What inspired you to write this play?

The inspiration to write this play was my Dad but there was also a need to ask the question ‘what is a black story?’ and ‘who can tell it?’. The story of me and my Dad, a white father and brown son, seemed a fitting setting for these questions to be explored.

How does the play fit in with your previous work?

Sparkplug fits in with my other work by exploring love and questioning identity.

What do you hope audiences will get from watching the play?

I hope it sparks a conversation. Everyone is invited to the table. A chance for people to talk about race, love and family in a space without judgement.

How did you get into writing?

A lot of my acting work has involved new writing. My poetry is also character heavy and full of narrative. So the plays have kind of always existed in my poems. Now I’m finding ways to share them.

How does it feel to see your work on the stage?

I’m not sure how it feels to see my work on stage as this is my first proper production. Whoop!

Which playwrights inspired you?

Shakespeare. Phillip Ridley. Debbie Tucker Green. Shelagh Delanyy.

What was the best bit of advice you were given when you started out?

My best advice was ‘write what you want to write. Don’t write for anyone else’

Why should people come and see the play?

People should come and see Sparkplug because it’s flipping brilliant! And it’s theirs. It’s yours. It’s for everyone!

What is next for you?

I have lots of fingers in pies at the moment so hopefully something exciting awaits…

Catch the screening of  SparkPlug stage production on Sat 20 Nov, 15:30. Part of Push Festival 2021. Find out more and book tickets here.