Own a limited edition Constellations print

In addition to the daily firing of Katie Patterson’s confetti cannon 100 Billion Suns as part of new group exhibition Constellations, we are pleased to offer a limited edition print featuring an abstracted colour spectrum to reflect all documented Gamma Ray explosions in deep space.

Gamma Ray Bursts are the brightest explosions in the universe which burn with a luminosity 100 billion times that of our sun. The confetti cannon created for 100 Billion Suns contains 3,261 pieces of paper, whose colours correspond to each documented occurrence of these cosmic events.

Offered in conjunction with Haunch of Venison Gallery, London, we have ten prints available from a limited edition run of 150, signed and numbered by the artist.

Specification: 4 colour litho print on Munken Polar 240gsm, 594 x 841 mm. Price: £140 inclusive of VAT unframed. We are happy to offer suggestions with preferred framers in Manchester. To see the print in person, please visit Gallery 1 reception where it will hang for the duration of the exhibition.