Meet the HOME Young Programmers 2021

Over the course of a 18 months, HOME are joined by four young people who programme quarterly screenings in our cinemas with the aim to broaden and diversify HOME’s young audiences. Meet the 2021 team below.

Meltem Yalcin


Meltem is a filmmaker and programmer based in Manchester. Her favourite films are 00s nu-metal horror movies with 80s slashers coming a close second. She spends her time learning about the paranormal, reading P.D. James books and visiting caves across the country. Meltem also runs an online platform called Nekromancy for horror movie fans to write about the macabre and occult in cinema.

Iqra Noman


Iqra is currently an animation student at university based in Manchester. Like most fans of animation, she grew up with Disney and Pixar films and eventually found her love for Studio Ghibli films. She shows appreciation in the many different forms and styles of animation from traditional 2D to the technologically advanced work seen in live action films today, trying to learn from them. It’s Iqra’s mission to bring this appreciation to new film enthusiasts and wider audiences. When she isn’t watching films and anime, Iqra spends her time (at uni), cooking, scrolling through artwork on Instagram and drawing.

Jorge Walsh


Jorge is a writer and director based in Manchester, creating work for both stage and screen. His love of film was sparked at an early age by the classic 007 adventure, Goldfinger, and this led him to explore the cinematic world of Bond, and beyond. Jorge hopes to work as part of HOME’s Young Film Programmers team to provide cinema-going experiences to young audiences that they might not find anywhere else. Outside of cinema, Jorge enjoys music, reading, Polaroid photography, tennis, and the New York Knicks. He is also one half of the ‘Crass!’ podcast alongside Paul Austin.

Lily Callaghan

Lily is a student from Manchester with a love for a variety of films from Star Wars to Eraserhead. In her spare time, she can be found at the cinema, in the kitchen, or curled up with her cat and a poetry collection. Lily’s aim is to introduce audiences to new and exciting ideas through film and hopes to expand even the casual movie-goer’s comfort zone when it comes to cinema.

Group’s Aims As a Programming Collective: 

  • To programme films that relate to our generation
  • To entice and encourage young people to come to the cinema by programming films that they would enjoy or feel emotionally/intellectually stimulated by
  • To use programming as a way to challenge the young audiences viewing habits by showing them something different and unique that they may not have seen before
  • To use cinema as a way to expand young people views on the world by challenging any preconceptions that they might have
  • To show new film enthusiasts the shear diversity in technique, skill, and creativity filmmakers and their films demonstrate, by programming films that will make them love the craft

Logo design: Iqra Noman