LiveWire Review/Gravity

LiveWire Film Critic Georgia Buckley reviews Gravity

This magnificent Sci-Fi epic is without a doubt one of the most extraordinary space thriller films I have seen in a long time and with direction from Alfonso Cuaron I’d expect no less. This film is visually stunning from start to finish thanks to the fantastic cinematography (by Emmanuel Lubezki) and the extensive visual/special effects crew that worked on the film.

Gravity follows Dr.Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) working on a mission in space. When this mission goes terribly and dangerously wrong we see the characters battling for survival as they have become lost in space. It then becomes their new mission to reach another space station in order to survive and return safely back to earth. It is a battle against time as oxygen is rapidly running out and the characters need sheer strength in order to survive. This is what makes the film such a massively intense and captivating watch. To begin with, however, I was unsure with what to expect with the lost in space storyline. I thought it could possibly become boring and tedious to watch but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It is gripping, intense and I simply couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen from the moment it began.

Bullock does extremely well to carry the film alone for the majority, she lives up to her award winning expectations completely. She does the role absolute justice and not only is she superb in terms of the physical demands of the role, but she brilliantly executes the emotional side of her character, which in turn allowed her to massively engage and connect with the audience. With regards to Clooney, his classic charm and wit added somewhat of a comical aspect to the dark natured film, which created a great balance when teamed with Bullocks character. I think they worked really well together as would be expected from the sensational pair – the two bounced off one another and did excellently.

If you have an opportunity to watch Gravity I would absolutely recommend you do. It is such a fantastic film and I believe it is a complete must see for any cinema goers, even if Sci-Fi isn’t your preferred option, without a doubt you will leave the cinema amazed.

Catch Gravity (12A) in 2D at Cornerhouse before it finishes this Thu 28 Nov. Book your tickets and watch the trailer here.