Last night of Earnest in pictures

Tonight was poignant for Library Theatre customers and staff alike as the curtain fell for the final time on The Importance Of Being Earnest, the last play to ever be performed at the Central Library venue.

The evening started with speeches outlining our plan for the next four years before the show kicked off in earnest. The mayor was in attendance together with Library Theatre Manchester staff past and present and many of our loyal customers.

The end of the show was met with rapturous applause and a standing ovation from the full house. After the show, people were keen to take pictures of the auditorium for the last time and one customer, an actress who appeared on the stage in the 1950s, threw a single red rose onto the set as her way of saying goodbye to the venue.

The image gallery contains pictures all taken during the final performance.

Tomorrow night is Gala night and we’ll post a report on this here shortly after.