So John what have you just watched?

A film, I think JINDABYNE.

What was it all about?

It was an Australian set murder mystery but with the film set on the after effects of them finding the body.

Ok so how does the film go on to deal with the murder? Is it your average hunt for the killer style movie?

It focuses on the men who found the body and how their families deal with it. Also, it shows the family of the victim and how they come to terms with their loss.

So the film doesn’t focus on the killer?

No, it doesn’t even show the murder, but implies it.

Was it a refreshing change to your usual murder movie?

Yes it was but there could have been a lot more to the story line.

So it didn’t live up to your initial expectations?

It was in the same style as some of the director (Ray Lawrence) films.

And it’s quite a long movie isn’t it?

Yes it is, 123 minutes long.

Did it feel that long?

It felt a LOT longer.

Really? I thought it was quite well paced. Why did it feel so long to you?

Because I felt that there was never any real drive to the plot.

Did you think the film had suspense? Or did it not really go anywhere?

It built up a lot of suspense but without the suspense actually going anywhere.

Did it scare you?

Some of the loud and sudden noises did, I suppose.

What was the style of the filming like?

They used lots of long shots of rivers and mountains to build up the suspense of spirits and a few POV shots to make it appear someone may be following them.

Who starred in the film?

Gabriel Byrne and Laura Linney.

And how was their acting?

I think they made the parts their own.

How would you sum up your thoughts about the film?

I liked the way it was filmed and presented but I did think it could have just had that little bit more to make it shine.

As a filmmaker, were there any aspects of it that inspired you?

The shots were great and I did like the different slant on the usual murder film.

Would you recommend it or would you advise to steer clear?

I recommend seeing as something different.

Review by LiveWire Critic, Jonathan Keen (May ’07)