HOME’s commitment to anti-racism, diversity and equality

Since the recent Black Lives Matter protests, which have taken place across the world, the whole HOME staff team has taken the time to reflect and have conversations about our approach to tackling racism and promoting diversity and equality.  We’ve taken the time to assess what we are and are not doing well.

We all agreed that HOME must work to be anti-racist and pro-equality and that we stand in solidarity with all Black artists, staff and communities alike.

We have talked about how HOME aims to be representative of our city and society and to work to dismantle systems of privilege which are at the heart of our sector.  We have worked to diversify our creative community and our programmes, but that this is not enough and that we need work harder to do more, in more areas, including developing the diversity of our teams, leadership and improving our staff training and working culture.

We are starting a process of change and wanted to share with our audiences, artists and participants our formal commitment and the steps we will take to better reflect our city and its rich diversity.  Today we share our commitments and will hold ourselves to account in delivering these in the next twelve months. These are the next steps in making lasting change.


We want to champion anti-racism, equality and diversity through the way we work and the work we make and present.  All aspects of how we plan to do this will be informed by discussions with HOME staff through the newly established Equality and Diversity Staff Working Group – we will engage with artists, audiences and other channels as appropriate.

Everyone who is part of HOME is responsible for realising these commitments.  This list of commitments is a starting point, we want to listen and learn, we are open to on-going conversations, engaging in debate and ideas. To that end we will:

As an organisation:

  • Publish our diversity data annually starting with 2019/20 data below
  • Set new diversity targets across all aspects of the organisation
  • Introduce a senior level Change Maker to the organisation to be a catalyst for organisational thinking around diversity
  • Review how we can develop our HR practises to ensure they fully support our positive action agenda
  • Work with cultural organisational partners across the city to diversify the leadership of the sector in Greater Manchester

In our programme:

  • Continue to elevate and support Black artists, participants and film makers on all our platforms
  • Ensure that our programme fully supports our anti-racist stance and our diversity plans
  • Actively promote and value learning about the culture and histories of people from under represented communities with a particular emphasis on Black histories

These are a starting point and we will build on these.


You can find a detailed breakdown of our 2019/20 diversity data online here.


For artists:

  • Talent Development Surgeries – Our surgeries are an opportunity to discuss a project idea, ask for a bit of career advice or find out more about the Talent Development opportunities here at HOME. To book a slot email talentdevelopment@homemcr.org and let us know how we might be able to support you.
  • Mothers Who Make – Monthly – Mothers Who Make is a growing national network aimed at supporting mothers who are artists, working in any discipline and at any stage of their careers. It is a peer support group and creative exchange session for mothers who are artists – professional and/or passionate – writers, painters, actors, dancers, filmmakers, photographers…every kind of maker welcome, and every kind of mother. If you would like to Zoom with us, please email l-richardson@outlook.com for more info.
  • Creative and Digital Skills workshops –  programme run throughout the year with workshops on Theatre, Film, Digital and Visual Arts. Sign up to the HOME Creatives Opportunities newsletter to receive information.
  • HOME are members of the GM Artist Hub offering our support to the independent practitioners, artists, and companies of Greater Manchester. You can find out more and sign up for a free 30 minute Advisory Session on the GM Artist Hub website. https://www.gm-artisthub.co.uk
  • Throughout the year we run a number of opportunities for artists to explore and develop practice through R&Ds, residencies and commissions. Please sign up to HOME Creatives opportunities newsletter to receive information.

Ongoing opportunities for young people:

  • Young Identity – Every Monday from 7-9pm – A free workshop for young people aged 15-25 who are interested in developing poetry and spoken word skills. Email youngcreatives@homemcr.org for more info.
  • Accessible Music Productions – First Tuesday of each month from 6-8pm – A free workshop for young adults aged 18-25 with additional needs and disabilities who are interested in developing music making skills. Email youngcreatives@homemcr.org for more info.
  • House Party – Quarterly in the evening. A low cost live music event for young adults aged 18-25 with additional needs and disabilities. Email youngcreatives@homemcr.org for more info.

Time limited opportunities for young people:

Work based training:

HOME runs apprenticeships and paid internships throughout the year. These opportunities are publicly advertised on the jobs section of the HOME website at https://homemcr.org/jobs