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#HOMEinspires Blog 5: Who Are You Calling Old?

Our Community & Outreach Programme Producer Anne Louise Kershaw and Nakib Narat from Chorlton Good Neighbours tell you more about the #HOMEinspires events at PUSH Festival 2019.

As our #HOMEinspires programme continues to develop, we are pleased to have two events as part of the fantastic PUSH Festival 2019 here at HOME. We have the Welcome To The Creation Lounge exhibition in our Inspire Gallery, opening on Friday 11th January by St Luke’s Art Project, and Propel – #HOMEinspires in Theatre 1 on Thursday 17th January.

Welcome to the Creation Lounge

Creating a platform for important contributions to culture which may otherwise go unheard, St Luke’s Art Project works with people isolated due to mental health in a creative, supportive and welcoming environment. Here we showcase work created by ten artists in their Longsight Studio.

St Luke’s Art Project is also home to Slap Dash Publishing House which is where they self-publish many wonderful artists books which are available to buy.

Propel – #HOMEinspires

Here #HOMEinspires is taking over Propel at Push for one night only, showcasing work created by different groups who take part of our £1 Inspire ticket scheme. The event will be compared by Greg Thorp of Manchester Pride and Superbia and includes poetry and projection from people in recovery from The Maggie’s Centre, stories and songs from the high-rise flats in Hulme and Gorton, Tolu Ajayi from Rainbow Noir and Chorlton Good Neighbours. Here to tell us more about this is a Nakib Narat:

Who Are You Calling Old?
Nakib Narat – Writer & Director

Chorlton Good Neighbours Drama Workshop’s mission is to destroy ageist stereotypes and our involvement with Home Inspires is really getting us there!  The workshops were started by myself, Helen Hibbert and Bernard Leech to prove Mancunians can grow bolder as they grow older and have even more fun!  Thanks to Home Inspires Community & Outreach Producer Anne Louise Kershaw, our thirty newbie actors aged 60s to 92 have experienced amazing new opportunities. They loved performing LoveChester ‘70s, my original musical comedy in Home Inspires A City Seen event last July. It was a happening to tell their grandkids about!

Now we are amazed to return for “Propel – #HOMEinspires” on January 17th 2019 in Snowed In – my second, cheekier, surreal, comedy about singing cats with Christmassy, Halloweeny and Scooby Doo mystery themes.  It will be nerve wracking and exciting in equal measure as, this time, we are in the 450 seat theatre.  Please come and support our actors’ hysterical misadventures as they have too much fun to act their ages!  We are all about older people living their lives fully: learning, creating and staying unique. Life in Manchester is about living and growing, not cocoa and an early night! Hope to see you on the 17th – they’re doing it for all of us who will be them one day!  Thank you Home Inspires for equal generational access to Manchester’s Arts scene!         

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