Help Support a Bright and Diverse Future for British Filmmaking

2020 film awards season is upon us, and like many other film fans, we couldn’t help but notice the lack of diversity in the nominees. For example, there are no women nominated in the “Best Director” category at the Oscars, and in fact only five women have ever been nominated in this category since the first Oscars ceremony in 1929. Meanwhile #BAFTAsSoWhite was trending on social media when the BAFTA 2020 nominees were announced.

Here at HOME, we go to great lengths to ensure our film programme represents breadth and diversity on a regional, national and international scale. We’re also passionate about supporting future talent through our engagement and talent development programmes.

We offer invaluable experience for aspiring filmmakers working alongside industry professionals and respected practitioners. Our projects offer training across a variety of roles, from writing and directing, production, sound design, editing and camera work.

Take a look behind the scenes of our recent BFI Film Academy.

So this awards season, we’re asking you to help us support future filmmaking talent and local artists by making a £3 donation. You can donate in person on your next visit to HOME, or make a donation online now:

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