Have you got our cinema app?

If you want to check what’s on in our cinemas when you’re out and about then look no further.

The lovely folks at Support your local Cinema (SylC) have developed phone apps for both Android and iPhones for a host of independent cinemas across Europe – and we were one of them!

So why not download it for free, take a look and let us know what you think –

We’d appreciate any feedback as we want to make sure it’s as useful for you as possible. So don’t be shy and share your thoughts.

About Support your local Cinema:

Support your local Cinema investigates the use of social media by art-house cinemas across Europe and aims to reinforce the effects of social media on arthouse cinema engagement with new and existing audiences. Plus they develop and provide products and services to assist independent cinemas with online communications. And they have an interesting blog too.

SylC is coordinated by Moviepilot and funded by MEDIA.