Get hitched at Cornerhouse

After several couples have expressed interest in getting married here at Cornerhouse, we have decided to obtain the relevant approval which allows marriages and civil partnerships to take place here with us.  This means you can now go from your first date right up to wedded bliss without swapping venue! The approved rooms include all of the cinemas & galleries, as well as our lovely Annexe function space.

Keziah and the cafe bar team have held many successful receptions over the past few years, and in addition to the ceremony we also offer a complete reception package – alternatively we can tailor one to your specific needs.

The cost of having your ceremony at Cornerhouse starts from £500, depending on date, time and the room you wish to hold it in. The Annexe space can hold up to 60 people, and Cinema 1 has a capacity of 300 (though please be aware that we can only cater for a reception of 200 maximum).

For further information contact Keziah on 0161 200 1508 or at