From Silos to Shrek Ears: Personalisation and the future of successful cultural leadership

Personalisation, the act of allowing audiences to tailor the service experience and/or enabling them to co-produce the service, has become the new buzz word as organisations look to provide greater choice and interactively engage users. As we move towards an increasingly ‘personalised’ age of cultural consumption do traditional hierarchical structures offer the opportunity to develop these new audience relationships or is a new leadership model needed?

Funded by the Cultural Leadership programme, the Cross Arts Venues Network has investigated the personalisation of audience experiences and its impact on cultural leadership. Through an analysis of their own organisational structures and an exploration of organisations in the UK, US and Europe the network has produced a report detailing their findings on the requirements needed to support personalisation.

The Cross Art Venues Network is a group of multi-disciplined arts venues consisting of Broadway (Nottingham), Cornerhouse (Manchester), FACT (Liverpool), Showroom (Sheffield), Tyneside (Newcastle) and Watershed (Bristol).

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