exposures film reviews 2006

Best of the North West programme

THE REPLACEMENT follows all the horror movie conventions that we all know and love, including urgent one-liners and screaming blondes. Can our bickering heroes escape the thing that lurks in the forest, before it’s too late? Although a little predictable, THE REPLACEMENT is entertaining and well produced.

Drama programme

SEVEN INGREDIENTS FOR MAKING A FJORD tells the story of one man’s mission to explain how important Fjords are, and his passion to one day create his own.

Although the film has a slow start, it develops into a humorous mocumentary and at times the plot becomes extremely hilarious. For example, his seemingly pointless wildlife documentary halfway into the film involves no animals whatsoever and instead, includes plenty of bad and wacky random footage, mainly of trees.

Despite the strange non-sensical humour, the narrator of the documentary tries his best to make his point of how important Fjords are.

OUT OF MILK is an endearing and humorous drama exploring children’s perceptions of the adult world. An engaging and powerful storyline forms the hub of this short.

Documentary programme

CHASING BEV was a strong film from the documentary section, which gives an insight into the world of an autograph fiend. To find out more about an interesting new pet craze, see URBAN CHICKENS, which was also enjoyable.

Experimental programme

STILL LIFE WITH FLOWERS is a really good film from the experimental section. It uses music well, which helps to create a very effective atmosphere, specially the bit with the psycho flowers. It’s really cool and you should definitely see it.

Animation programme

The quality of the animation this year is very impressive. DIVERSION follows common every day road signs who decide it’s time to have a holiday. However, many trials and tribulations await our intrepid signs as they journey across the country trying to reach the airport. Another animation we particularly enjoyed was COMPANION. This is a heart-warming tale of a small animated character who finds the joy of friendship. It is well animated and a pleasure to watch.

Reviews by LiveWire Critics, B. Addlestone, A. Bruce, M. Sagar, C. Talbot, J. Whittaker (Nov ’06)