Environment and Sustainability in Film February/March 2022

Sustainability is fully embedded into the heart of our organisation and part of this is programming films, theatre shows and art exhibitions which address environmental issues. For our February/March 2022 new film releases, we have two titles to highlight.

Rūrangi – in cinemas from Fri 25 Feb


Rūrangi tells the story of Caz who returns home to the small dairy farming community of Rūrangi, New Zealand, seeking to rebuild relationships with his friends and estranged father. The story focuses on the experiences of Caz coming back home and understanding his identity as a trans-man but also focuses on Caz’s father, a dairy farmer, who is having an environmental awakening. His father begins a campaign against the use of pesticides in local farms but is faced with heavy resistance from other farmers.

River – in cinemas from Fri 18 Mar

River, directed by Jennifer Peedom, is a cinematic and musical odyssey that explores the remarkable relationship between humans and rivers. Willem Dafoe’s narration over images of rivers shows the beauty of these natural wonders as well as showing how they function in our ecosystem. River shows not only how beautiful rivers and nature are but how vital they can be.

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