Early Spring 2021 Bees Update

Our rooftop residents had their first inspection of the year this week! It’s still very cold in the mornings so it was a swift inspection, but we’re pleased to report that both hives have overwintered!

HOME apiarists Jen and Jenni spotted the first signs of new brood. This is fantastic to see as it means the queen bee is laying new worker bees for the new season! The brood cells are the golden yellow cells below the bees in the centre of the frame on the photo. Around the edges of the frame are honey stores to feed the colony.

Our stripey pals always keep us on their toes and hive activity is highly likely to change from week to week so we’ll keep you updated as best we can.

The lovely spring weather of the last week has seen many pollinators out and about enjoying the early spring flowers and blossom.

There are lots of different ways to help bees and other pollinators and support biodiversity. Take a look at these resources from Friends of the Earth to find out more.