Creative Stars Update: Music Production at Band on the Wall, 16 August 2011

As part of our Creative Stars participant development, we took the group to a Music Production workshop at Band on the Wall. Here’s Adele’s post about it all.

I’m not going to lie; I didn’t really know what Band on the Wall was before I attended the workshop. I’d heard some things from my friends but not enough to know what to expect.

Because we were there so early (9:45…AM) the venue wasn’t officially open to the public and after a brief spell of confusion we were let into the venue. It was smaller than I had expected compared to all the other music venues I’ve been to before, however it had a more friendly feel.

After being introduced to the team and playing some fun musical warm-up games we were told by our workshop leaders Tim, Hannah and Aydee what our task for the day would be. We were told that we had to write a song, tune and lyrics and then record our very own song! In one day. Daunting? Just a bit. We decided to write about something meaningful and relevant so we chose the Manchester Riots. After working together to write the lyrics we were placed onto different instruments and collaborated to make a tune that actually sounded quite good!

The highlight of the day was definitely hearing our very own song being played back, sounding professional. Band on the Wall went above and beyond my expectations.

You can listen to the song we recorded here

Written by Creative Star, Adele Ralls Glynn (August 2011)