Craftworks 2011

Craftworks is an exciting new community arts project that we will be developing over the coming months. It will investigate the role of craftsmanship in 21st century communities and will culminate in a sharing of work in March 2011.

As a key part of the project we are looking for 5 young artists (aged 18 – 30) to become creative researchers in local communities. These researchers will meet local people to investigate –

  • Local industries that used to exist and how people were involved in them.
  • Crafts that people are able to do that may be special or unusual.
  • Crafts and skills that used to exist that are now dying out.

Participating artists will be supported to make this investigative journey in a way that reflects their own practice. In exchange they will devise a creative way to share their experiences at an informal event in March 2011.

For more information about how to get involved contact