Clegg and Guttmann: Social Sculptures, Community Portraits and Spontaneous Operas 1990-2006 review

This exhibition covers all three galleries at Cornerhouse. It includes various pieces of work from artists Michael Clegg and Martin Guttmann. At first the concept seemed annoyingly complex, but eventually I got the gist of it. Unfortunately it is still a tad too complicated for me to explain through the limited medium of text. Basically it is about the mark a community leaves on things such as book cases and tools when they are left out for the public. A portrait of the community is made through this. It is good and does get you thinking though, I’ll tell you that for free. Speaking of free, the exhibition is and it runs until the 24th of September, so get your skates on!

Review by Matthew Fraser

Sept ’06

Clegg and Guttmann’s work will be exhibited at Cornerhouse until Sept 24 2006