Civilisation Q&A with performer, Sophie Steer

Part of our Autumn/Winter season, Civilisation is a sideways, theatrical look at the deeply untheatrical reality of loss.

Starting on Wed 3 Nov and soundtracked by Abba and Bach, Civilisation is an experiment in theatrical realism and contemporary dance, by Jaz Woodcock-Stewart from the award winning Antler Theatre.

A day in the life of a woman following a tragic event, it’s a tale of grief, loss and Marie Kondo’s folding technique.

We caught up with performer Sophie Steer, to find out more about a show that ‘stays in the head long after it is over’ – The Stage.

How did you first get involved in developing the show? Did you already know Jaz and Morgann/worked together before?

I first met Jaz at the audition for Lands. I said ‘I’m extremely physically fit’ before dying from 10 minutes of mild exercise. Through doing the job I became a trampolining machine.

I loved the room she created. Warm, interrogative and without pretence. Same with Civilisation. Jaz and Morgann are brilliant at their jobs.

Have any of your personal experiences shaped your performance?

Yes :)

How has the show changed for you over time, since you first started developing it in 2017. Has it changed over time?

My track/journey through the show hasn’t changed dramatically since 2017. We have a lot more space at HOME so that’s been brilliant for us all to utilise. My internal journey has changed quite a bit.

The theme of loss remains constant but my relationship to it has changed. The show is really a mirror for the audience to hopefully see what they need to.

What’s your experience of performing in the show?

It’s so simple and complex at the same time. It’s mostly a case of not getting in the way of myself and just landing in each moment as honestly as I can.

Sum the show up in a sentence

The space between a large tragic event and the change that occurs because of it.

What’s your favourite thing about performing in Manchester?

I love HOME. Such a great arts space. And obviously the city. And Tim Foley lives there.

What’s next for Sophie?

You literally know as much as me. I’ve moved to Edinburgh so if you’re reading this and making work in Scotland say hi @SophieSteer1 ✌


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