Brigitte Jurack books for fans of Fieldnotes

Fieldnotes by artist, maker, educator and climate activist Brigitte Jurack is open now in HOME’s main gallery. This is her largest solo exhibition, bringing together works produced in the UK, Spain and India over the last four years. Her work expresses a reverence for the natural world, environmental sustainability, craft and labour, as well as speaking to the extraordinary current times. Works in different mediums have been produced in dialogue with people from different generations, through encounters with ‘the landscape’, and in densely populated cities.

If you enjoyed the exhibition you may want to take a look at the selection of Brigitte Jurack’s books which are available to buy in the shop at HOME.

Die Vermesserin (erster Entwurf) 2022
The female surveyor (first draft), 2022
Signed limited edition of 20 Hardback book £35

The book starts with observations made by a newcomer to the village of Tenna, an alpine village in Safiental, Switzerland. Notes on animal husbandry, cranberries and forests are interwoven with reflections on climate, politics and trauma. The narrator moves from the village, meadows, mountains and valleys to observe harvesting, climate and destruction. Written from a female perspective in German, and translated into English, the narrator addresses the changing seasons, tacit knowledge and what it means to ‘know’ about nature.

What’s Left Behind (2021) £10
What’s left behind (2021) concentrates on adaptability, wit, intelligence and play in the light of growing environmental pressures. Exploring our relationship with animals and their inner lives, her work considers issues around environmental adaptability by focussing on some of the scavengers with whom we share long cultural entanglements, such as crows, foxes and monkeys.

Irfaran (2007) £9.50
The narrative of Irfaran emerges from the author’s travels across the Baltic States, northern Germany and Italy, as well as in the UK. From these journeys, impressions of the places visited are initially recorded in photographs and writings, and subsequently developed into Souvenir Sculptures. This beautiful book is illustrated with over 30 black and white plates, together with photographic documentation of the sculptures.


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