BFI Film Academy 10: Katherine Crompton’s Blog

Katherine Crompton is one of the participants on our tenth BFI Film Academy (2021). Having almost come to the end of the course, we asked Katherine to reflect on her experience of the film academy…

Before starting the course I’d never worked on a set, edited footage or used film equipment. I was nervous but excited when the course began; I was eager to learn new things despite my reservations due to my lack of experience. I really enjoyed the planning process at the beginning of the academy. Coming up with ideas for possible stories, characters, themes and tones was very interesting. Everyone had fantastic ideas which we would all contribute to and develop upon. In the end, it was difficult for us to make a final decision as the three concepts we ended up with were all great!

Being on set was a very new experience for me, however, it was an experience I really enjoyed. Working as part of a team to create something was an amazing feeling; everyone had a significant role to play and there was never a point where I felt I was doing something less or more important than someone else. During filming I had the role of sound mixer, something I enjoyed more than I thought I would. I was also a background extra during a scene.

Similar to working on a set, editing was also something I didn’t have any experience with. At first I thought it was a role I would really struggle with due to not knowing the software, but I quickly got the hang of it and it ended up being one of my favourite parts of the academy. I edited parts of the bar scene, the conversation and the fight, with a partner. It was satisfying editing the fight in a way which had to make sense continuity-wise while also increasing the sense of impact during the scene.

Overall, the academy has been an amazing introduction into a field I previously knew very little about. The staff have been very supportive throughout the course and I appreciate them showing us the ropes. I’m so glad I applied to HOME’s BFI Film Academy and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about filmmaking.