Audiences praise Manchester Lines

Manchester Lines , our latest production opened last week to the public on the fifth floor of Number One First Street. Have a look at what people are saying about it…

rv. Superb writing and wonderful actors. Strong performances from everyone.’ rn. James from Stockport

rv. The writing was served brilliantly by the totally impressive production.’ rn. Pauline from Knutsford

rv. Totally not what I expected but even better! It’s a must see! The cast do an excellent job of putting together a truly believable show. Go see it if you don’t believe me!’ rn. Rebecca from Manchester

rv. An amazing performance and a very unique experience. Cast were fantastic, set was brilliant. I’ve never had a theatrical experience like this. Unmissable.’ rn. Susan from Manchester

rv. Loved everything about the production. Great set of characters, brilliantly performed by all. Totally sucked into the whole thing from the minute you enter the fantastic set. Lots of food for serious thought but lots of humour as well. Go and see this if you get the chance’ rn. James from Manchester

rv. Utterly compelling. Do not miss it!! a terrific ensemble’ rn. @dfleesh on Twitter

rv. Loved, loved, loved LibraryTheatre’s Manchester Lines last night. Go see it if you can, it’s fantastic’ rn. @katefeld on Twitter

rv. Fantastic work from Library Theatre on Manchester Lines. Innovative use of space, movement & music. Great collaboration with Wils Wilson!’ rn. @TheActorsGroup1 on Twitter

rv. Loved library theatre’s Manchester Lines! Imaginitive, creative, personal & poetic! Very proud of them for such a bold & unique piece of theatre’ rn. @LisaHoctor on Twitter

rv. Just seen this and it’s absolutely magical and very moving. Can definitely recommend’ rn. Alison on Facebook

rv. I watched this yesterday and it was stunning. Most beautiful, most special sit-specific theatre I have ever seen’ rn. Jemma on Facebook

Have you seen Manchester Lines? If you have we would love to hear what you think about the show, let us know by leaving a comment on our website, or on Twitter or our Facebook page . If you have not yet got tickets we recommend you get them soon, to avoid disapointment. You can see Manchester Lines until 7 July.