Artists join campaign against funding cuts

Over a hundred leading artists – among them David Hockney, Anthony Caro, Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor and Tracey Emin – have joined together to fight against the proposed cuts in government funding of the arts.

The campaign launches today with the release of this fab new animation by artist David Shrigley highlighting the effect of the funding cuts.

Each week the work of a different artist, created in response to the campaign, will be released. Jeremy Deller and Mark Wallinger are up next.

So how can you show your support? If you like what we do here at Cornerhouse and enjoy visiting all the other great galleries across the country we invite you to sign the petition here.

Arts organisations like us all accept that budgets need to be cut. But we fear that the 25% being proposed is just going to destroy much of what has been achieved and will have a particularly damaging impact on national and regional arts centres like ours.

It’s taken 50 years to create a vibrant arts culture in Britain that is the envy of the world so lets be proud of it and stand up for it to continue to shine in the future.