Artists in residence

For the last two weeks Alex Pearl and Juhana Moisander have been undertaking artists residencies as part of our forthcoming exhibition UnSpooling – Artists & Cinema. Alex had the daunting task of making at least one film a day for 2 weeks  (with 18 in the can he clearly rose to the challenge) and Juhana got stuck into interviewing Cornerhouse staff to reveal all sorts of memories, stories and characters from the buildings past which he would then bring to life.On Thursday both of them kindly joined us for an artists talk headed up by our very own Programme & Engagement Director Sarah Perks and Andy Willis from the University of Salford.

For those that couldn’t make it have a listen to what Alex and Juhana had to say about their style of work –

We were also lucky enough to get our hands on a test video that Juhana shot in Gallery 3 as part of his residency. These ghostly images give you an idea of what you can expect from his work in October.

And to find out more about Alex’s work for UnSpooling check out his Pearlville blog here.