Artist Emma Smith – 30 works x 30 days

This month, artist Emma Smith has been sharing on her Instagram account (@artistemmasmith) one work a day for 30 days covering 10 years of work from her archive.

Today she’s sharing her exhibition 5Hz & Euphonia which was displayed in the main gallery at HOME April – May last year. We invite you to have a look and listen back.

5Hz was a sound installation centred around the invention of a new singing language designed to strengthen social connections. Through a year long collaborative research process examining psychological and neurological responses to the human voice, Smith created the 5Hz language, comprising a set of sounds that transcend language barriers.

Euphonia, which debuted at Liverpool’s Bluecoat in 2018, was an ambitious new sound installation based on the musicality of social interactions. Developed through public experiments and workshops with world experts in music, psychology and the brain, contributors to the staging of the work included Manchester community groups.

“This was the first time 5Hz and Euphonia were brought together as works. A massive thank you to everyone in Manchester who added their voices to the space and took part in performances – a real pleasure to work with everyone!”

Emma Smith

Photos of the exhibition

Emma Smith: 5Hz & Euphonia: Installation photos

An Audio exploration with Emma Smith

Photos from the preview opening of the exhibition

Emma Smith: Preview photos