An insight into Lost is Found…

Liza from the Creative Stars comms team gives her insight into Lost is Found..

The upcoming Lost Is Found exhibition in gallery 1 will be a collection of thought provoking and (some) unusual material which has been given a quirky make over in order to give it a modern twist. Although the majority of the artwork began its journey as a discarded item without a function or purpose, that’s certainly not where it has ended up. From coat hangers to mopeds and used hospital signs, the nine artists involved have reinvented these objects and made them into meaningful art.

If you do stop by at Cornerhouse to see what’s on display, be sure to check out Richard Proffitt’s Louisiana Blues, Anywhere. A rust-covered, almost unrecognisable moped, so decrepit and exhausted that it is too fragile to sit on, let alone ride. This piece is a personal favourite because of its three dimensional features, rough textures, unusual shapes and contextual references.

The theme of the exhibition itself is very much open for interpretation from the public. Although the theme is said to be about identity, redundancy and rebirth, the artwork can sometimes be very vague in meaning, and at other times, have a very obvious theme to it. Many of the artists, such as Eileen O’Rourke, say that they don’t want people to feel as if they’re being forced into an opinion, but for people to have their own opinions. In other words, don’t worry about the big, arty words being thrown about and try to see the work through your own eyes.

The team at Cornerhouse are really excited about this exhibition, particularly about the opinions which people will form. As the theme is so open, people will be bound to see different things within the work and for us it will be intriguing to compare those opinions to our own, the opinions of the curators and of course the opinions of the artists themselves.

We look forward to seeing you in gallery 1 and to finding out what you think of Lost Is Found.