A Christmas Carol gets 10 out of 10

Here’s a selection of the many excellent reviews of A Christmas Carol. Find out what the audience though by listening to the podcast.

David Beames plays Scrooge with the tremulous fear of someone watching his whole life being deconstructed in front of him, though this is really an ensemble piece and the quality is high throughout. Lisa Kerr in particular plays her three characters (Belle, Martha and Florence) with true feeling. The gothic set is hugely impressive, the lighting lending a spooky, discomfiting atmosphere amplified by the best aspect of this production – its sound. In trusting the timeless story rather than dumbing it down for today’s kids, The Library Theatre Company proves that Dickens is as relevant and enchanting as ever.
The Stage

Instead of me struggling with an old book it was right there before me, laid out in glorious sound and light.
It’s a show designed for all the family and even I had to restrain a tear or two by the end as the awful Mr Scrooge blossomed into something wonderful. It’s the perfect Christmas show. 10 out of 10.
Salford Online

The Library Theatre’s current production should be top of your priority list. I’ve probably seen 15 or more stage versions of Dickens’ timeless classic and yet, sitting in The Lowry, I felt like I was watching it through fresh eyes. This is also an ideal opportunity to get children interested in the theatre as most of them were totally transfixed by what they saw.I loved the way Director Rachel O’Riordan uses music in a production that’s sure to leave you with a festive glow. Great set, too.
Messenger Newspapers