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About our Theatre Work

HOME produces and presents contemporary theatre on the small and mid-scale. In a normal year there are over 250 performances on our stages, four or more of which will be produced or co-produced by HOME. In addition to theatre productions, we also present dance, comedy and music which are predominantly one-nighters throughout the year.

We work with artists to produce questioning and ambitious artistic projects and involve audiences with new and extraordinary theatrical experiences.

We programme an exciting, eclectic mix of plays, and our focus is celebrating and commissioning artists with a unique theatrical language. Sitting so closely to the best of international, independent cinema and contemporary visual art has inspired us to have strong visual ambitions for all our work in the theatre.

Since opening, HOME has co-produced and co-commissioned with a wide range of international partners such as Complicité, National Theatre, National Theatre Scotland, Javaad Alipoor, Boy Blue, Hofesh Shechter, Rhum and Clay, Kneehigh, MIF and many more. We have also produced work to feature in major showcases in Edinburgh and New York, that has toured internationally.

Over the past two years, the HOME theatre programme has been undergoing a transformation. The work presented and created has become more diverse, and we have worked hard to make the work more accessible, to a wider range of audiences. The programme that would have been presented in our 2020/21 season was the most diverse in our history. It included some major investments in regionally based artists and creatives and a significant commitment to developing sustainable production practice.

The Focus for our Upcoming Programme

We will be creating a programme of produced and presented work that will enable us to deliver the two-year strategy, develop and grow audiences, and continue our journey to ensure our work reflects and speaks to our audiences.

HOME’s audience profile will have broadened to be more representative of our city, because our meaningful engagements with Manchester communities will be demonstrably stronger. There are a number of major programming developments here:

Families: HOME is committing to producing/co-producing and presenting a regular programme of work for families. This is a long-term commitment that will have cultural diversity at its core. It will be programmed on a regular cycle so audiences will know what to expect, and when. It will not duplicate other offers in Manchester, and will have a strong sense and recognition of Manchester and the North on our stages.

North West Artists and Collaborators: We will work with more regionally based artists and creatives in the production of our work, in close liaison with our Talent Development Team. One of our shows will be from a North.

West writer in every two-year cycle, and one taking an artist/company from small to mid-scale from an open national call will be every three years.

Co-productions: Our co-producing relationships will be centred on creative collaboration and true partnership in creative process, not simply financial expediency.

Representation: We will diversify the teams who make the work we present and the stories we tell. The work on our stages, our digital output and touring shows will look even more like the people of our city and speak to their interests and concerns.

Sustainability: The carbon footprint of our theatre programme will be on a downward path to meet our 2025 objective on a 50% reduction of 2019 levels. We will actively develop processes and approaches to making and presenting theatre that are more sustainable. We will do this in partnership with likeminded theatre makers, companies and venues to share our learning and enable rapid prototyping of methodologies.