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Our film programme showcases the very best in contemporary and classic cinema, screening works by artists and filmmakers both established and new. It’s a programme of incredible breadth and diversity and regional, national and international significance.

We offer a wide range of work including important new releases, discovered and undiscovered classics, archive material, shorts, animation and documentary, avant garde film and television. We’re creating a continuing dialogue between filmmakers and audiences, enabling us to think about the ways in which cinema has shaped and continues to shape our perceptions of the world in which we live.

Screenings will take place in our five purpose-built screens, including flagship Sony 4K digital projectors and 7.1 audio from Datasat. Films will be presented across a range of formats, including split-reel 35mm in our 250-seater Cinema 1 for archive prints, as well as the capability for event cinema distribution across all five auditoria.

Our film programme reflects the ethos of HOME in our investigation of new methods of screening programmes and curation, working with filmmakers and other artists, curators and programmers to present new ideas about the medium and the dialogue that film has both with other films and with other art forms.

We collaborate on a national and international scale to show how film continues to evolve as new voices and technologies emerge and impact upon cinema practices and narrative. We’re scouring the globe to help bring the wider world and a multiplicity of views to Manchester and present a variety of touring film programmes. We’re also working with our friends and partners including Chinese Film Forum UK, Anthony Burgess Foundation and Alliance française. We are proud to be one of the leading organisations for Film Hub North, a unique, UK-wide collaboration of film organisations working together to ensure that the greatest choice of film is available for everyone.

Film at HOME examines links and cross art collaboration with other parts of our programme including visual art. In particular we work closely with HOME Artist Film on the production, distribution and exhibition of long form and artist feature length film including producing films, theatrical and multi-platform distribution and multiple output projects including installation or performance. We’ll be looking to the world of film and filmmaking to commission and bring to audiences new projects that explore that boundaries and intersections between film and artists cinema.