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Here at HOME we are dedicated to sharing knowledge and learning from others, fully engaging in green conversations and practices with our staff, visitors, and partners. We believe we have a key role to play in demonstrating environmental leadership through championing best practice and amplifying creative responses that support a move towards an environmentally sustainable future.

Across theatre, cinema, visual arts and engagement, our programming features events and activities that raise awareness of issues of sustainability, social responsibility and the environment through inspiring and innovative creativity.

In Theatre, our designers are able to create new settings from recycled or repurposed objects that can be stored or shared to be used again in future productions. Our Winter 2017 production of Uncle Vanya paid close attention to environmental themes addressing the impact of human activity upon a visibly changing world.

Our original Cinema programming consistently features independent cinema with subject matter that gets to grips with hard-hitting topics. We’ve hosted screenings for the UK Green Film Festival and continue to embed sustainability in our programming, with content concerning global movement, migration and refugee crises, to the impact of environmental catastrophe and an international call to action for climate change awareness and responsibility.

Visual Arts includes an in-house production team who commission, curate and deliver exhibitions, films and events that provide our visitors and communities with opportunities to get involved. As part of The Return of Memory exhibition (Winter 2017-18), artist Callum Cooper worked with the Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry in St Petersburg as well as allotment groups and horticultural students from across Greater Manchester to grow food from seed culminating in a Russian-themed celebratory feast created by chef Mary-Ellen McTague. Looking outwards both historically and culturally whilst working to nurture local links demonstrates HOME’s commitment to growing a culture of resourcefulness, collaboration and collective environmental action, encouraging a dialogue of community sharing and engagement, and a drive towards change.