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Here at HOME we are dedicated to sharing knowledge and learning from others, fully engaging in green conversations and practices with our staff, visitors, and partners. Across theatre, cinema, and visual arts, our programming features events and activities that raise awareness of issues of sustainability, social responsibility and the environment through inspiring and innovative productions with content for all ages.

In Theatre, our designers are able to create new settings from recycled or repurposed objects that can be stored or shared to be used again in future productions. Our Autumn 2016 production of Ghosts contained a large amount of onstage items that underlined the lead character’s problem with hoarding and an obsession with the past. Our environmental policy ensured that stock materials were reused from our props and furniture store, while other items were borrowed from many theatre stores from across the North. Working locally, the production team were able to source materials from regional buildings and businesses, reclaiming renovation waste to be reused on stage. As part of our Zero-to-Landfill policy, all waste materials were recycled post-production. Our staff also contributed many personal items, and introduced a new internal practice of exchanging pre-loved or second-hand items for reuse by others. As part of our HOME Birthday Weekend, we hosted a unique family-friendly theatre production that ran on pedal-power alone! Full of music, animation and puppetry, the performance brought to life the power and delight of collective story-telling made possible through carbon-neutral energy.

Our original Cinema programming consistently features independent cinema with subject matter that gets to grips with hard-hitting topics. Screening documentaries, fiction, and artists’ films, we’ve shown films with content concerning global movement, migration and refugee crises, to the impact of environmental catastrophe and an international call to action for climate change awareness and responsibility.

Visual Arts includes an in-house production team who commission, curate and deliver exhibitions, films and events that support local and UK-based artists and provide our visitors with the opportunity to get involved. We are able to develop talent and draw international acclaim whilst reducing our carbon footprint by minimising the need for transportation of supplies and products. Film seasons are programmed to coincide with exhibitions, drawing upon themes and issues found in the shows and stimulating debate. Working closely with Cornerhouse Publications, we produce exhibition catalogues and accompanying books that often feature the work of Manchester-based academics, artists, poets, and writers.

We are proud hosts of both No Boundaries festival and TEDxManchester, bringing together the most inspiring creative and technological minds, leading cultural figureheads and practitioners, considering the future of the arts within the surroundings of our sustainably-minded organisation.